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Thailand University Customize Turnstile Gate Project


Latest company news about Thailand University Customize Turnstile Gate Project

Thailand University Customize Turnstile Gate Project

The swing gate produced by HPT used for carrying out smart access control management to channel, which greatly facilitating people traveling ways. According to principle of smart, simple, efficient, HPT efforts to build Hi-tech and advanced products can meet customers special demands. The swing gate applied in Thailand university shows above characteristics apparently.

Optical swing gate

The product is designed to a swing gate with plane round arc to show its high-end breath and wonderful appearance, which is more conforms to campus requirements——a university full of breath of young, vitality——place full of fashion and well-behaved people. The design of the round arc shape in machine cabinet completely satisfies peoples demanding in the aspect.

Except for providing with the traditional swing gate function, such as IC/ID card reading, QR code reading, face and fingerprint recognition window, the swing gate also meets other special demands of customer: HPT designed the base and galvanized plate according to turnstile gate and channel width dimension required by customer, and designed base length is the same as turnstile gate and channel width size according to security checking door position provided by the customer. Besides, HPT designed black carpet——has the complete cover and the same size as the base per customer demands as well. There are other highlights of the swing gate, such as we provided 5 pairs of IR and the motherboard with TCP/IP interface and so on. All of above-mentioned enhance attractiveness of the swing gate.

Swing gate
HPT efforts to provide perfect service to customer all the time, each detail of the product showed customers demand and HPTs pursuit. We also provide the dimension drawing to customer, make customer learned about our design details fully, truly touch customer with our real heart service and high quality product.

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