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How To Choose Turnstile Manufacturer?


Latest company news about How To Choose Turnstile Manufacturer?

How To Choose Turnstile Manufacturer?


Many people are confused about how to choose a turnstile manufacturer. Compared with consumer goods and other standard products, there is something special about the turnstie gate. Firstly, the turnstiles are customized product. Customers have different turnstile requirements such as functions and appearances for different projects and occasions. Secondly, turnstiles are security products, which have a high request for quality, security and after-sales services. Thirdly, turnstiles are industrial grade equipment type products and the price is relatively high. Some customers are not able to buy turnstile samples to do test. If customers are not professional at turnstile industry, it is difficult for customers to choose turnstile manufacturer which provides good quality turnstile and meets project requirements. Some customers purchase low price turnstile and neglect quality and after-sales service, resulting in high maintenance cost of the projects. Therefore, it is important to choose the right manufacturer when purchasing turnstiles. How to choose suitable turnstile manufacturer?

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When choosing turnstile manufacturers, the following factors can be considered.

1. Supply area

The suppliers at the project site and turnstile manufacturers should be given priority. But limited by production cost and environment, turnstile manufacturers are usually concentrated in certain specific areas. If there is no turnstile manufacturer at the project site, you can consider professional distributors or manufacturers in the surrounding area. The product quality is more important than regional proximity.

If the local turnstile manufacturers are choosen, the service should be given priority.

(1) Due to large volume and complex external structure of the turnstiles, the fee will be very high if disassemble and maintain the turnstile. The transportation cost is also very high. Therefore, when the turnstile gate fails, it is generally solved by the manufacturer's remote guidance or dispatched by the manufacturer's technical personnel to the site for maintenance or upgrade. In this regard, manufacturers who can provide professional services or distributors and engineers who have a long-term close relationship with manufacturers should be given priority. The better the product quality, the more professional the service, the lower the cost of after-sales maintenance.

(2) The advantage of local suppliers over non-local suppliers is that they are closer to the location, which is conducive to shorten the transportation time to the site and facilitate face-to-face communication.

(3) If the local suppliers cannot meet the requirements of projects, like quality, fucntions, integration, etc, suppliers from surrounding area should be considered.

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2. Product price

Every project has a specific budget which limits the price and grade of purchased products. However, the price of the turnstile gate itself is only a major part of the purchase cost, we still need to know more details:

(1) The manuacturer’s quotation is generally the factory price of the turnstile gate. The users also need to consider the packing cost of the goods. The turnstiles need to be packed with wooden case to protect the turnstiles from damage. Some manufacturers use cheap wooden frame for packing which is easy to damage the turnstiles. The users also need to consider transportation cost(insurance included or not), customs clearance fee, installation fee, tax fee, and so on. It is suggested that users consider these fees before purchasing turnstiles.

(2) Warranty time and service life corresponding to product price. The turnstile quality from different manufacturers is uneven, and the MCBFand warranty time are also different. The turnstile price quoted by different manufacturers can vary widely since there is no universal standard. Besides turnstile price, customers should also pay attention to MCBF and service life when purchasing turnstiles. It is recommended that customers try to purchase turnstiles with higher reputation manufacturer and long warranty time and more MCBF, which can lower or avoid maintenance costs, so that the overall operation cost of the project will be reduced and the quality is guaranteed.

(3) Product details corresponding to product price. Turnstiles from different manufacturers look similar and have similar basic functions, so why the prices are different? One of the key point is the details, including the brand and material of spare parts, structural design, manufacturing process, technical parameters, advanced functions, etc. The manufacturers which can provide detailed and professional product specification and manual should be given priority. It will be better if customers can visit the manufacturers and carefully compare the impact of different product details on the projects. It is meaningless and wasteful to compare prices before making clear the differences in product details. After determining the appearance and basic functions of turnstiles, many users choose products with lower price and ignore the quality, which often causes the project to fall into uncontrollable difficulties.

Turnstile factory

3. Turnstile service

When choosing equipment products, the service provided by the manufacturer is very important, generally including pre-sale, sale and after-sales service.

(1) Pre-sale service

Whether the manufacturers can help users to provide appropriate products and solutions through specific project analysis, including complete product parameters and details, and the impact of these parameters and details on product application; Whether customized products can be provided according to users' requirements, and whether samples or renderings can be provided for users' reference; Whether the manufacturers have rich experience and cases to provide better proposals to help the project progress more easily and smoothly?

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(2) Sale service

Whether the manufacturers can provide standardized and theoretical training and installation guidance before the product is used. In the process of product installation and debugging, whether the manufacturers can provide standard and detailed product instructions. Whether the manufacturers can solve problems quickly during field debugging and how to deal with quality problems. For the compatibility problems encountered in the integration of different systems, whether manufacturers can provide professional solutions and optimum solutions quickly and effectively.

(3) After-sales service

The users should clarify the warranty time and warranty content promised by the manufacturer. The longer the warranty time, the more favorable it is to the purchasers, and also indirectly reflects the quality of the product and the confidence of the manufacturer on the products. In addition, users need to know the manufacturer's after-sales service process, including contact information, response time and solution, as well as the service terms beyond the warranty period.

4. Lead time

Generally, the production cycle of turnstiles is long. It is very important to confirm the supplier delivery cycle for project requiring strict schedule. The production cycle differences between standard products and custom products should be paid attention to. For standard products which are relieved from the design process, manufacturers can make appropriate amount of inventory, so the production cycle is relatively short. The production cycle of customized products varies greatly, which generally depends on customers' customization requirements and manufacturers' customization capabilities. Therefore, when users choose products, they need to confirm the lead time with the manufacturer first, so as not to affect the project process if the cycle is too long.

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5. Manufacturer profile

Manufacturer profile includes enterprise seniority, enterprise nature (manufacturer or supplier), development direction, factory size, R&D team strength, staff technical ability, supply chain management, etc. Choosing a long-developed and powerful manufacturer is relatively less risky to buyer.

6. R&D ability

High-end turnstile gate manufacturers need to have independent research and development ability, as well as strong technical support. Based on research and development capabilities, turnstile gate can be constantly upgraded, the quality can be constantly improved, and customization can only be done on the basis of research and development capabilities. Patent, software and innovative products can be an important factor to judge whether the turnstile gate manufacturer has independent research and development and how strong the research and development strength is.

7. Customization ability

Turnstile gate is customized according to the project requirements. Different project needs different turnstile. The required customization content is not the same, From identification way, to develop a new product, these all test manufacturers' customization ability. In particular, customized large-scale turnstile gate projects, such as flap barrier turnsitle with automatic ticket checking system in subway, swing turnstile customs office, its customization requirements are very complex, and general manufacturers which lack customization ability is unable to complete these projects. The users need to find experienced turnstile manufacturers to complete the projects.

8. Enterprise cases

Case is the most direct way to judge the strength of a turnstile manufacturer, reflecting product quality and brand influence.

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