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Intelligent Ticket Checking System


Latest company news about Intelligent Ticket Checking System

Intelligent Ticket Checking System

In digital era, the tourism industry is also grasping the opportunity of the combination of science and technology and tourism to realize the intelligent and information technology of tourism service and management, so as to create a new experience of traveling which is different from traditional way. Holidays are the peak season of each scenic spot. During the peak travel season, the tourist spots open meet problems like crowd congestion, long queuing time and slow entry efficiency.


The three disadvantages of traditional ticket checking method in scenic spots

1. It takes a long time to get tickets due to congested ticket window.

2. The ticket checking efficiency is low.

3. Relaying on OTA or group purchase platform to guide the tourist flow. The tourist spot does not have management according to the on site situation.

In order to improve ticket checking efficiency and service and power up the quality of tourist management, set up intelligent ticket checking system is the first stop in the construction of smart scenic spots.

How a ticket system work?

Ticket sales mode

The intelligent ticket checking system can support OTA , WeChat, Tik Tok, program etc. and also support QR code, self-service machine. The ticket checking system also supports ticket distribution etc. The scenic spot ticketing system support ticket purchasing and verification online and offline.

1. Ticket box office

The traditional ticket selling mode --manual ticketing has some disadvantages, such as high labour cost, low efficiency, high rate of ticket verification mistakes, complicated financial statistics, etc.

2. Self-service ticketing

Scenic spot self-service ticketing machine and amusement park ticketing system can interchange data. The ticket vending machine can be set in background ticketing system of amusement park. In the peak season, self-service ticketing can help reduce pressure on ticket box office.

3. Ticketing online

Usually, scenic spots will set up website and release news. Tourists can also book tickets in website and pay online.

4. OTA works with ticketing

The intelligent ticketing system support OTA integration.

5. Ticketing on programs

When tourists open the smart scenic spot platform mini program, all kinds of tickets will be displayed in the list of scenic spots on the home page of the scenic spot. By clicking reservation, tourists can submit information, make online payment and complete ticket purchase.

6. Sales report interconnection

Multi-format scenic spot data management center supports daily/monthly ticket sales report query and export which is convenient for scenic spots to manage financial statistics and data analysis.

Multi-period ticketing/multi-period reservation

The system support multi-period ticketing and has inventory limit. A booking code will be generated after tourists book tickets online. The system can connect to the monitoring platform and periodically push reservation data every 15 seconds. Visitors can make online reservations quickly on the program platform, and check tickets through turnstiles to enter the park, which is convenient and fast.

Ticket checking method

scenic spot turnstile

The smart ticketing system can support four modes of ticket verification, such as QR code, ID card, IC card and face recognition. Diversified ticket checking methods can meet the needs of various scenic spots.

1. QR code

Use paper ticket with printed QR code or e-ticket with QR code generated after purchasing ticket online. When entering the scenic spots, tourists need to scan QR code on the turnstile and the turnstile will open.

2. ID card

Before entering the park, visitors must purchase tickets online in advance and input their ID number before, and they can directly swipe their ID cards to pass through the turnstiles.

3. Face recognition

Visitors must input their personal face information in advance in the olnline ticket purchasing platform of the scenic spot. When checking tickets, if the tourists’ face is identified and can match with face data, the turnstiles will open.

4. Quick pass on mobile phone

Visitors can open the payment code directly and scan the QR code on the QR readers on turnstiles. After payment down, the turnstile will open.


Hardware equipment

Turnstiles can effectively prevent unauthorized persons from entering designated areas and can also greatly reduce staff working pressure and improve work efficiency.


At present, there are many kinds of turnstiles on the market, such as tripod turnstiles, swing turnstiles, flap barrier turnstiles, etc, which can be integrated with different identification systems, such as IC card, QR code, fingerprint or face recognition. How to choose turnstiles for scenic spots?

tripod turnstile

Turnstile type

Tripod turnstile: the tripod turnstile is made of three rods. The channel width can only allow one person to pass. The tripod turnstile can be set single directional or bi-directional and can integrate with various configuration, which fits for many occasions to solve access control problem.


1. The tripod turnstiles are suitable for many places, like scenic spots, museums, construction sites, etc.

2. The channel width only allow one person to pass through at one time, which can prevent someone trailing.

3. The cost of tripod turnstile is low.

4. When the three rods drop down, the tripod turnstile will form an barrier free channel to facilitate evacuation in case of emergency.


The channel width is narrow which is inconvenient for people carrying luggage.

flap barrier gate

Flap barrier turnstile: one channel flap barrier turnstile is made of two single wing flap barrier turnstiles. The flap barrier turnstile can be set single directional or bi-directional, and is widely used in airports, subway stations, scenic spots, etc to achieve access control.


1. The channel width is much larger.

2. The flap barrier turnstile ha pretty appearance and more functions.

3. The flap barrier turnstile has automatic reset and alarm function.


1. The passage speed is low.

2. The applicable scenarios of flap barrier turnstile is limited.

3. The cost of flap barrier turnstile is high.

swing barrier gate

Swing turnstile: the channel width of swing turnstile can be customized. The swing turnstile can be set single directional or bi-directional, and is mainly used at entrances and exits, and can facilitate people carrying luggage.


1. The channel width is much larger and passage speed is much quicker.

2. The reacting time is short and the swing turnstile can open quickly.

3. The turnstile will form barrier free channel in case of emergency.


1. The turnstile is easily destroyed by human.

2. The cost of swing turnstile is high.


Usually, tripod turnstiles and flap barrier turnstiles are widely used in scenic spots. Scenic spots also need to choose turnstiles according to specific needs.


Hardware works with turnstiles at entrances and exits

1. Entrance: IC card readers, QR code readers, face recognition devices, etc. which can work with turnstiles.

2. Exit: counter, control motherboard, desktop printer, prefabricated paper ticket, code scanning devices, etc.


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