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What Factors Should be Considered When You Purchase Turnstiles?


Latest company news about What Factors Should be Considered When You Purchase Turnstiles?

In recent years, turnstiles is becoming popular in markets of smaller cities other than international metropolis. What factors should be considered when you purchase turnstiles?

Turnstiles in different occasion

With people’s increasing demand for security, pedestrian turnstiles are widely used in various occasions, such as residential areas, campuses, office buildings, stations, construction sites, etc.

1. Construction sites

There are many workers at construction sites, so workload and working efficiency are difficult to be managed. Installing turnstiles integrating with card system at construction sites can collect data at real time, which can improve management efficiency. In this way, workers, material management, canteen can be managed, and the property in the site will be better protected from lose.

Tripod turnstile can be used in construction sites.


Tripod turnstile is an access control equipment, which is usually used in places where require entrance and exit access control, attendance, personnel identity verification, etc. Tripod turnstile has the characteristics of safety, economy, practicality, reliability and so on.

2. Office buildings

Many people enter and exit office buildings every day. Traditional personnel access management methods often rely on simple access control system to manage the door and the management methods may have security risks. Therefore, turnstiles designed for office buildings are welcome in recent years.

Turnstiles installed at main entrances of office buildings can better manage people entrance and exit, thus improving security. Install several sets of turnstile at the main entrance of office buildings(the turnstile quantity is decided by channel width). The office staffs hold staff cards and swipe the cards on the turnstiles, and then the turnstiles will open, to avoid unauthorized personnel entering the buildings.

speed gate

3. Schools

Turnstiles design should consider how to provide better protection for children. RFID technology is now widely used in school security access management system. When students carry cards and pass through the school gate, the access control devices installed at the school gate will sense the card and report the information to software which working for data collection to identify students whey they enter school.

flap barrier gate

4. Airports

Starting from July 25, 2014, all Chinese citizens holding electronic passports can enter and exit China border from self-service border inspection channel, saving the time for queuing, verification and waiting to pass the border. It takes just 10 seconds to swipe passport and press fingerprint. Self-service customs clearance has been successfully operated in the immigration department of many border control stations.

Automatic customs clearance pedestrian turnstile is a self-service customs clearance equipment. Passengers only need to put their passport into the machine and the machine will scan the passport, then they will enter the passage, press their fingerprint on the fingerprint reader, and then the turnstile will open. The whole process is fast. It is much convinient than manual verification, and verification accuracy is also improved. The application of automatic custom turnstiles in airports is similar to that in railway stations, subways, etc.

airport turnstile

Tips for purchasing turnstiles

The turnstiles is playing an increasingly important role in security and its market demand is gradually increasing. In the development of the next few years, there will be more intelligent identification technology, alarm technology, etc applied to access control turnstiles, more and more places will need pedestrian turnstiles. What factors need to be considered when you purchase turnstiles?

The appearance difference between turnstiles mianly on their arms. Besides this,driving motor, craft , control system are also different.

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1. Security: high level security precautions

Customers need to know detection, prevention and alarm mechanism of turnstiles when unauthorized personnel pass the turnstiles.The trailing detection function contains following someone into the channel and breaking in the turnstile in reverse direction.

The trailing action means that person wants to pass the turnstile without authorization. When authorized person pass the turnstile and left safe area of the channel, the turnstile will close automatically. At the same time, if someone unauthorized attempts to pass the turnstile channel, the turnstile wing arms will close to prevent person from passing and send light and sound alarm. When authorized person does not pass the safe area of turnstile channel, and someone unauthorized attempts to pass through, the turnstile wing arms will not close in case the wing arms hurt someone. The turnstiles will send sound and light alarm to inform staff. This design shows security protection function of turnstiles.

2. Personnel safety: high security of personnel access

Customers need to understand the mechanism of pedestrian turnstiles in the identification and detection of people’s movement, anti-clamping mechanism of unauthorized entry, emergency response and processing, etc. These aspects are also the basis for ensuring high safety of pedestrians passage.

Pedestrian turnstiles are equipped with several sets of shooting detection points at different positions inside the turnstiles. When people pass through, people’s body will block the detection points. Multiple detection points will effectively identify the movement and behavior of people passing through. Based on high performance ARM9 technology, the tracking-type traffic logic detection algorithm running in the central controller realizes efficient logic judgement and drives the response action of wing arms of pedestrian turnstiles. High-end pedestrian turnstiles generally do not adopt traditional point-type infrared detection method, but use LED high density infrared detection light screen to judge the location area, state, passage direction and authorization validity of pedestrians in the passage, calculate and analyze them, and make corresponding judgments. The more tracking-type traffic logic detection points, the higher of security, and the more complex of logic algorithm. For same products, high-end manufacturers use up to 16 pairs detection points, some even as high as 20 pairs. The monitoring distance can reach the minimum of 12cm, and most of the domestic low-end product manufacturers use about 10 pairs of detection points, among which the least is 4 pairs.

The anti-pinch function of turnstiles is realized through turnstile units and the passage detection system. When pedestrians pass through turnstile channel, any one of detection point will be triggered, the turnstile will be in an open state. When turnstile wing arms are blocked in the process of closing, the wing arms will open immediately to avoid hurting someone.

Emergency handling function in case of emergency. Fire signal should be reserved for pedestrian access equipment. When receiving fire alarm signal or power off, the turnstile will be automatically unlocked and form barrier free channel for personnel evacuation. The emergency handling function can also be achieved through the remote monitoring management system to set and switch the channel running status.

3. Performance safety: reliable and durable operation capacity

Customers need to understand motor technology, MCBF, throughput rate, maintenance methods of turnstiles.

In terms of reliability, the most important one is turnstile system. High-end turnstiles adopt DC brushless servo motor, which is the most advanced motor technology. However, most turnstiles in the market adopt ordinary DC motor. The advantages of servo motor are fast operation speed, low mechanical wear, accurate positioning, stable operation. The opening time of turnstile equipped with servo motor is 0.8 seconds, to ensure 60 persons per minute of throughput rate. The MCBF of high-end turnstile is more than 3 million times.



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