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Slim Speed Gate Turnstile Speedlane Turnstile With Brushless Servo Motor

Slim Speed Gate Turnstile Speedlane Turnstile With Brushless Servo Motor

Slim Speed Gate Turnstile

600mm Speedlane Turnstile

Brushless motor Speedlane Turnstile

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Product Details
Product Name:
Slim Speedlane Turnstile
Driving Motor:
Brushless Servo Motor
Passage Width:
600mm (≤900mm Optional)
4 Pairs Of IR Sensors
Dry Contact; RS485; RS232
1.5mm Thickess Stainless Steel
Airport,Office,hotel,supermarket,hospital Entrance
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
film + EPE + Carton + Wooden Case
Supply Ability
1~10 units, 3~7 working days; 10~30 units, 10~15 working days; 30~50+ 15~20 working days.
Product Description

Sleek Speed Gate Turnstile for Aesthetic Appeal


Product Description

AG-TX65151202 speed gate is a modern and sleek security solution that is designed to allow only authorized individuals access to a particular area. These gates are designed to provide a high level of security, convenience, and speed for users. They are commonly used in corporate offices, airports, railway stations, and many other high-security areas.

Speed gates are made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel and tempered glass, which ensure durability and longevity, even with frequent use. They are designed to operate silently and quickly, which saves time and makes the process of entering and exiting a secured area hassle-free.

One of the key benefits of using a speed gate is its ability to identify and authorize authorized personnel quickly and accurately. These gates use advanced technology such as biometric recognition, RFID and barcode scanning to recognize and validate access for each individual. This speeds up the process and ensures maximum security for the protected area.

Another benefit of speed gates is that they ensure a high level of security. They are designed to prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas by identifying and blocking unauthorized entry attempts. With speed gates in place, the possibility of employee theft, espionage, or other security breaches is significantly reduced.

In summary, speed gates are a highly effective and efficient security solution that provides both convenience and enhanced security. They are designed to meet the needs of modern facilities and ensure that only authorized personnel access protected areas. At the same time, they offer a modern and sleek aesthetic that complements any environment.

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Product Size
Material SUS 304 stainless steel
Lane Width
600mm (≤900mm optional)
Passage Direction Single directional/Bi-directional
Motor Brushless Servo Motor
Sensor 4 pairs of active infrared intrusion detector
Throughput Rate 25~40 p/m
Reaction Time 0.2S
Driving Voltage DC24V 6.25A
Working Temperature ·-20~+70℃
Power Input AC110~220V±10%
Communication RS232 and TCP/IP
Humidity ≤90%, no condensation
Protection Class IP 54
Working Environment Indoor and outdoor




1. A brushless servo motor, which operates smoothly and dependably, is used in the speed gate;

3. It has an infrared detecting system, a trailing detection system, and a high level of safety;

5. With the ability to automatically cancel permission before passing. If visitors don't leave within the allotted time after the authorization has been authenticated and the door wing has opened, the system will automatically revoke the visitor's right to pass;

6. An antitrailing feature. The passage logic can determine the status of an unauthorized individual who is being followed by a legitimate authorized person;

8. To prevent panic after the electricity is turned off, the door wings are opened to create an escape route;

9. The door wing opens and closes in less than 0.2 seconds (access control response time excluded);

10. Anti-collision function; When the turnstile swing arm is badly bumped, the turnstile motor will automatically cease working within the prescribed time.

12. Supports connections to a variety of readers, including built-in card recycling, IC/ID card readers, face machines, and barcode readers.


Customization Avaible

To do changes on gate appearance and settings or passage width to adapt to different projects, or if you are looking for a OEM factory to realize your speed gate design, you are always welcome. 



This gate is specially designed for high end places like museum, exhibition hall, hotel,  campus, office building, residential community and parks etc.

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