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Durability Swing Barrier Turnstile / Waist Height Turnstile For Office Building

Durability Swing Barrier Turnstile / Waist Height Turnstile For Office Building

Durability Swing Barrier Turnstile

ISO Swing Barrier Turnstile

Office Building Waist Height Turnstile

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Product Details
Product Name:
Automatic Systems Turnstiles
Brushless DC Motor
Standard Channel Width:
4 Pairs Of Active Infrared Intrusion Detector
Driving Voltage:
DC24V 6.25A
SUS 304 Stainless Steel
Acoustic Alarm:
LED Direction Indication:
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Product Description

Waterproof Swing Barrier Gate Security Barrier Gate for Office Building

Product Description

Any heavy traffic public space can have outside pedestrian turnstiles to manage and regulate pedestrian movement. They may be positioned in a variety of locations, including parks, stadiums, and train stations, and are perfect for outdoor installations. Turnstiles AG-HX36141802 feature a sturdy construction and is built to withstand inclement weather, ensuring product longevity and durability.


Turnstiles like model AG-HX36141802 that are waist-high are appropriate for low- to medium-security situations, while full-height turnstiles are best for high-security ones. The turnstiles use a variety of security measures, including RFID cards, fingerprint and facial recognition. The turnstile can be set up to let only authorized personnel pass through using various control methods.


The AG-HX36141802 outdoor pedestrian turnstile's ability to effectively manage traffic is one of their main benefits. Organizations can ease traffic and avoid crowding by placing the turnstiles in locations with heavy foot traffic.The are also aid in limiting unauthorized access to restricted locations, increasing local security.


The simplicity of use of the outdoor pedestrian turnstiles is another advantage. They are made to have straightforward, user-friendly interfaces that make it easy for individuals to move through them. 


To sum up, the turnstile is a crucial component of public places that demand improved security and efficient management of pedestrian flow. They are a great investment for any company looking to increase security while controlling employee flow because they are simple to use, strong, and weatherproof.

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Product Size 1400*185*1020mm
Material SUS 304 stainless steel
Thickness Top:1.5mm+body1.2mm
Passage Direction Single directional/Bi-directional
Passage Width 600mm (≤900mm optional)
Sensor 4 pairs of active infrared intrusion detector
Throughput Rate 25~30p/m
Reaction Time 0.2S
Driving Voltage DC24V 6.25A
Working Temperature ·-20~+70
Power Input AC110~220V±10%
Motor Brushless DC Motor
Mechanism Brushless Anti-collision Integrated Mechanism
Back up power Supercapacitor(12V/3A)
Indication LED direction indication
Acoustic Alarm Buzzer Alarm
LED Triple Color LED




1. AG-HX36141802 swing barrier gate arms opening speed can be set to meet various scenes requirements.


2. The gate has fault auto-inspection when it is turned on , the gate arms go back to position automatically after it is shut down or power off. It also does auto-inspeciton when it open and sends alarms when finds defects.


3. It supports multiple working modes choices,like single-way, double-way reading cards, each time only one person pass or waiting for all persion to pass etc.


4. The siwng barrier gate has anti-collision function: when the gate arms bump into something during closing, it will open again, or if it is a very hard bump the motor will stop working within ruled time to protect itself from damaging. It will close again after default delaying.


5. This gate also has anti-pinch function: When passsenger passing the gate, the sensors on gate will keep it open to make sure visitor passing the gate passage safely. If it senses people rushing in when it is about to close, the gate baffle wing will also open again to try not to catch people.


6. The gate is waterproof, sunproof, cold-resistant and high temperature resistance which is applicable for both indoor and outdoor.


7. The turnstile gate can work with different access control system like RFID card system , IC card system, face recognition system and fingerprint recognition system etc.


Customization Avaible

To do different passage width for the gate to work for different projects, or to do your customization optical swing barrier gate design , and any kinds of customization is available.


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