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Security Optical Swing Barrier Turnstile 25p/m-30p/m with Buzzer Alarm

Security Optical Swing Barrier Turnstile 25p/m-30p/m with Buzzer Alarm

Security Swing Barrier Turnstile

Swing Barrier Turnstile 25p/M

Optical Swing Turnstile

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Product Details
Optical Gate
Net Weight:
Single Core 38kg/dual Core 44 Kg
Product Name:
Optical Swing Barrier Gate
SUS304 Stainless Steel
Power Supply:
1 Year
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Product Description

AG-PX36121802 SUS 304 Stainless Steel Small Size Turnstile Access Control Security Systems


Our latest Turnstile Access Control Security System AG-PX36121802 – the ultimate solution for managing and monitoring access to your business premises. This state-of-the-art system provides a reliable, secure and efficient way to regulate entry and exit to your property.

Designed to cater for high-traffic environments, the turnstile access control security system is a perfect choice for use in commercial buildings, airports, stadiums, museums, and many other venues. The system features a sturdy and durable construction, coupled with advanced technology, to ensure that it withstands the rigors of constant use.

With this security system, you get to enjoy unparalleled access control and security features. The system employs a variety of access control methods, including swipe cards, RFID cards, fingerprint scanners and facial recognition to authenticate and verify the identity of your staff and visitors.

The system also captures and stores a record of all access events, so you can review them at any time. This allows you to track who has been accessing your property, and when, and provides valuable information in case of any security breaches.

In addition, the system offers a range of customizable settings, including entry and exit direction, restricted areas, and time-limited access. This flexibility allows you to tailor the system's security settings to suit your specific needs.

Easy to install and use, the turnstile access control system is a reliable, efficient and cost-effective solution for managing and monitoring access to your premises. With its advanced features and robust construction, this system is the ideal choice for taking your security to the next level.

Security Optical Swing Barrier Turnstile 25p/m-30p/m with Buzzer Alarm 0

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Product Size 1200*185*980mm
Material SUS 304 stainless steel
Thickness 1.2/1.5mm+1.0mm
Passage Direction Single directional/Bi-directional
Passage Width 600mm
Sensor 4 pairs of active infrared intrusion detector
Throughput Rate 25~30p/m
Reaction Time 0.2S
Driving Voltage DC24V 6.25A
Working Temperature ·-20~+70
Power Input AC110~220V±10%
Motor Brushless DC Motor
Mechanism Brushless Anti-collision Integrated Mechanism
Back up power Supercapacitor(12V/3A)
Indication LED direction indication
Acoustic Alarm Buzzer Alarm
LED Triple Color LED

Security Optical Swing Barrier Turnstile 25p/m-30p/m with Buzzer Alarm 1


1, When this swing barrier gate is turned on, it performs a fault self-check and sounds a warning siren if it finds any problems. When the electricity is turned off and on, the turnstile will automatically open and close.

2, Control signal or button or remote control of the peripherals is available to achieve control accessing in single direction/bi direction.

3, Pass Authorization Rule: After visitor passes through the swing turnstile gate, the turstile arm automatically returns to its original position. If no access is made within the specified time, the system will cancel the passing authority.

4, The gate is equipped with high brightness LED accessing indicator

5, This swing barrier gate turnstile has audible and visual alarm. When the gate is in the standby state, the LED is blue; when people pass through the gate, it is green; and when people try to enter the gate passage without permission, the LED turns red and the buzzer in the gate beeps to alert people to the authorization violation.

6, The turnstile gate has a "Anti-Collision" feature that prevents damage from collisions by stopping the driving motor if something strikes the gate too hard.

7, The swing barrier gate system can be connected with It can be connected to many readers, including facial recognition, RFID, and fingerprint scanners etc. Its motherbroad has a fire protection port that can receive signals from the fire protection equipment, and when a fire alarm or blackout is detected, the gate barrier will automatically open.



Security Optical Swing Barrier Turnstile 25p/m-30p/m with Buzzer Alarm 2

Security Optical Swing Barrier Turnstile 25p/m-30p/m with Buzzer Alarm 3

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In order to make our gate more appropriate for your projects, we may also change the gate's settings or design to fit various circumstances. Contacting our sales team is always an option.


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