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Amusement Park Turnstiles , SPCC High Speed Ticket Turnstile

Amusement Park Turnstiles , SPCC High Speed Ticket Turnstile

Amusement Park Turnstiles

SPCC Ticket Turnstile

High Speed Ticket Turnstile

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Swing Barrier Gate Turstile
Swing Barrier
Single Core 38kg/dual Core 48 Kg
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AG-HX35141802 Ticketing Turnstile For Amusement Park Access Control Turnstile

AG-HX35141802 ticketing turnstile is a cutting-edge electronic gate system designed to efficiently manage access control at large-scale events, amusement parks, and other public gathering spaces. It operates through advanced ticket scanning technology to prevent unauthorized entry and ensure the safety of all attendees.

Crafted with durable stainless steel and reinforced glass, this turnstile boasts a sleek and modern design that seamlessly blends into any outdoor or indoor environment. It features a high-speed scanning mechanism that can scan hundreds of tickets in a matter of minutes, making it ideal for busy event entrances.

The turnstile is engineered to minimize entry delays and reduce crowding, allowing for a smooth flow of entry and exit from the venue. It also comes equipped with various access control features to eliminate the risk of fraudulent entry, including anti-passback control, entry and exit logs, and advanced facial recognition technology.

Whether you’re managing a rock concert, a theme park, or a trade show, the turnstile is your ultimate solution for efficient access control and crowd management. It’s a dependable, durable, and easy-to-use system that will keep your event and attendees safe and secure.

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Product Size 1400*180*1000mm
Material SPCC
Thickness 1.2mm
Passage Direction single directional/Bi-directional
Passage Width 600mm (≤800mm optional)
Sensor 4 pairs of active infrared intrusion detector
Throughput Rate 25~30p/m
Reaction Time 0.2S
Driving Voltage DC24V 6.25A
Working Temperature ·-20~+70
Power Input AC110~220V±10%
Motor Brushless DC Motor
Mechanism Brushless Anti-collision Integrated Mechanism
Back up power Supercapacitor(12V/3A)
Indication LED direction indication
Acoustic Alarm Buzzer Alarm
LED Triple Color LED




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1. Upon activation, this swing barrier gate conducts a fault self-check and, if any issues are discovered, emits a warning siren. When the electricity is switched off and on, the turnstile will automatically open and close.

2, Control signals, buttons, or remote controls are available for peripherals to enable control access in either a single way or a dual manner.

3, Pass Authorization Rule: The turnstile arm automatically returns to its initial position once a visitor goes through the swing turnstile gate. The passing authority will be revoked by the system if no access is made within the allotted time.

4, The gate has a high-luminance LED accessibility indicator.

5, There is an audible and visible alert on this swing barrier gate turnstile. The gate's LED is blue when it is in the standby mode, green when someone passes through it, and red when someone tries to enter the gate passageway without authorization. The buzzer in the gate beeps to warn individuals of the authorization violation.

6, The turnstile gate features a "Anti-Collision" mechanism that disables the driving motor if something impacts the gate too forcefully, preventing damage from collisions.

7, The swing barrier gate system is compatible with It can be connected to a variety of readers, such as fingerprint, RFID, and facial recognition scanners. When a fire alarm or blackout is detected, the gate barrier will automatically open because the motherbroad of the device contains a fire protection port that can receive signals from the fire protection equipment.

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Customization Available

We may also alter the gate's settings or design to suit various situations in order to make it more suitable for your projects. You can always reach out to our sales staff.



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