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AG-PX78453302-B Access Control Turnstile Swing Barrier Turnstile For Small Entrance

AG-PX78453302-B Access Control Turnstile Swing Barrier Turnstile For Small Entrance

Swing Barrier Access Control Turnstile

SUS 304 Swing Barrier Turnstile

Swing Barrier Turnstile For Entrance

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Product Details
Product Size:
SUS 304 Stainless Steel
Top: 1.2mm + Body 1.0mm
Pass Width:
Passage Direction:
Single Directional/Bi-directional
4 Pairs Of Active Infrared Intrusion Detector
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Product Description

AG-PX78453302-B Access Control Vertical Swing Barrier Turnstile For Small Entrance

AG-PX78453302-B Small Vertical Swing Barrier – the perfect solution for controlling access in small and medium-sized spaces. This barrier is designed to provide a simple and effective access control management system for locations with a lower level of security requirements such as small offices, schools, banks, and retail stores.

The Small Vertical Swing Barrier has an elegant and compact design that makes it easy to install in limited spaces without compromising on functionality. Its swing arm mechanism operates smoothly and efficiently, ensuring quick and easy access for authorized personnel while providing effective deterrence for any unauthorized entry.

The barrier is equipped with sensors that detect any attempt to force the gate open, alarming sound and light signals to alert security personnel and deter access. The swing arm also has built-in anti-tailgating functionality, which prevents unauthorized entry through following other people, ensuring only one authorized individual enters at a time.

Moreover, the Small Vertical Swing Barrier is designed to integrate easily with other access control systems. It can be customized with a variety of interfaces such as a card reader, biometric scanner, and RFID system, enabling users to manage access to their facilities efficiently.

In summary, the Small Vertical Swing Barrier is an excellent option for increasing security in small to medium-sized facilities. Its elegant design, robust construction, and flexible integration make it ideal for a variety of environments, including commercial, educational, and governmental institutions. With the Small Vertical Swing Barrier, you can enjoy a peace of mind knowing that your facility is protected from unauthorized access.

AG-PX78453302-B Access Control Turnstile Swing Barrier Turnstile For Small Entrance 0

Product Size 450*330*980mm
Material SUS 304 stainless steel
Thickness Top:1.2mm+body1.0mm
Pass Width 600mm
Passage Direction Single directional/Bi-directional
Sensor 4 pairs of active infrared intrusion detector
Throughput Rate 30p/m
Reaction Time 0.2S
Driving Voltage DC24V 6.25A
Working Temperature ·-20~+70
Motor Brushless DC Motor
Mechanism Brushless Anti-collision Integrated Mechanism
Back up power Supercapacitor(12V/3A)
Indication LED direction indication
Acoustic Alarm Buzzer Alarm
LED Triple Color LED

1. When the swing barrier gate turnstile is turned on, it performs a malfunction self-check and sends an alarm reminder if it discovers a problem.
2, The control panel of the swing barrier gate allows you to configure its operating mode.
3. The gate barrier will open when it detects a fire alarm or a power outage and it has a fire protection port to receive signals from your fire protection devices.
4. When the power is turned on, the gate barriers automatically close, and when the power is turned off, they open.
5 If people don't pass through in the allotted time—which is by default six seconds—the pass right will be terminated (0-60s adjustable).
6, The gate is also compatible with biometric, e-ticket, consumption, and access control systems etc.
7, Direction indication LED is installed on top of this turnstile to give an instinct indication of the gate accessing status.
8, There are two types of flow controls -- single direction access and dual direction access can be applied
9, The gate has protection mechanism. To prevent harming both people and the gate itself, the gate will reopen if the turnstile arms come into contact with something as they are ready to close.
10, The gate also features "Anti-Collision" technology. If something strikes the gate too firmly, the driving motor will stop and attempt to protect the gate from the impact's damage.
AG-PX78453302-B Access Control Turnstile Swing Barrier Turnstile For Small Entrance 1
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